About Us

 Precept Health develops critical care information systems (CCIS) to assist healthcare professionals manage the complexity of delivering care. Our suite of CCIS products is deployed in a wide range of healthcare environments, including intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms, specialty units, and research institutes.

Advancing healthcare by doing more with less.

Precepts products provide comprehensive electronic medical records, with advanced tools for assessment, planning and decision support. With a proven track record of providing a level of service exceeding customer expectations, Precept Health provides technical, clinical and administrative support. Particular care is taken to select highly skilled, ethical people and to ensure that their level of expertise is continually expanded to keep pace with technology advances. Precept is committed to providing cost-effective solutions backed by a team of support and training staff and our team of development engineers.


Our people


Tony Blomfield CEO and founder 

Tony's career has seen him involved in medical technology for 40 years. Twenty five years as an electronics engineer in bio-medical instrumentation, and fifteen years as a software development engineer working both locally and internationally. With his expertise in medical research and understanding of technology’s role in streamlining complex processes Tony has been driving Precepts vision since the company’s inception in 1995.  Tony is responsible for leadership of the development team and innovation. He is a company director.


Alain Wenckebach

Alain has served as CFO and company director since 2010. He has more than 20 year’s leadership experience in R&D, project management and system implementation consulting. Alain is responsible for business development, planning and project management. Company organization, finance and budgeting.


Tom Peng - Software Developer

Tom holds a BSc (Honours) degree from The University of Auckland. Tom is Precepts principal enterprise architect and C and .NET application consultant.


Lubo Tzankov - Software Production Manager

Lubo is an experienced senior software developer and production manager with more than 25 years’ experience in all aspects of software development. Lubo is also responsible for maintaining quality, testing and regulating releases of Precept Health's software.


Nitin Thakur - Technical Lead

Nitin has extensive experience in .Net Web Application design and development, including C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, WCF, Web Services, API. Nitin is tasked with implement best practices for UI design, coding, database access and code analysis and code review as well as developing reporting and analysis application.


Bronnie Farnell – Education and Regulatory

Bronnie works with project management teams on process mapping, change management and product configuration and delivers education and training services. Bronnie is responsible for refining and maintaining quality and regulatory standards for Precept’s products and services, and ensuring that Precept achieves compliance with standards and industry best practice.


Brian Windram

As company accountant David works with the CFO on financial planning and analysis.


Joanne Buxton - Accounts Manager

Joanne is responsible for accounting and reporting activity.


Clinical Governance Advisory Group.


Our advisory group provide clinical feedback and advice on development, ensuring we maintain our vision to continually improve, to keep abreast of trends and best practice and to deliver solutions in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.